HeadQuakes born in 2003, from an idea of Matteo Corona and Giovanni Venier. After many line-up changes and a self-produced demo in 2007, the band recorded the first full lenght album "HeadQuakes" in 2008 and signed for the italian label Dracma Underground Dept. After the failure of the record company and the leaving of the rest of the band, the two had kept on writing their songs, and with a new line-up, in 2010, they wrote and recorded their second album "Fallout Diaries " (mixed by Nick Savio, Mastered by Eric Broheden) worldwide released by Crash & Burn Records since March 2011. In these years the band shared the stage with bands such as Raintime, Strana Officina, Domine. In Fallout Diaries the band mix the sonorities of the pure heavy metal together with modern sounds and fresh riffs. Be ready for a trip in a new age of our world!

Giovanni Venier "Scoot"


Matteo Corona


Alex Corona


Matteo Martinelli


Simone Luise


Fabrizio Cenci